Activa Custom Pet Food

What is Custom Pet Food and why should I consider it for my pet?


Dogs come in a wide variety of shapes, breeds, sizes and activity levels.  We allow you to create foods based on their unique tastes and dietary needs.

Choose from a wide variety of oils, flavors and supplements to add to your pet's food.  We'll take those choices and create your pet's special food.

Activa Premium Pet Foods are available in over 8 proteins and come in Grain Free, No Corn and Original formulas and are made right here in Texas!

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The Custom Pet Food Machine

With over 5 years of development, the Activa Custom Pet Food Machine was designed, manufactured, assembled and tested right here in good ole' Texas! 

The Custom Pet Food Machine allows us to dispense food into it's tumbler, select our supplements, oils and flavors, and apply them to your pet's food.  Once they are all applied, the machine will thoroughly mix your pet's food to ensure each kibble is coated. Afterwards we will dispense the customized food back into our resealable packaging for you to take home to your hungry pet.

The Custom Pet Food Enhancing Machine

Choose Food & Supplements

Regardless if your in store or online, you'll choose from a variety of oils, flavors and supplements to make their foods their very own.

Supplements Are Added

We'll take your selections and add it fresh, to your pet's food right in our very own stores.  It doesn't get any fresher that that!

Food Is Mixed In Machine

Once all the supplements, oils and flavors are added, your food is thoroughly mixed to make sure each and every kibble is covered.

Dispensed Back In Bag

After all the supplements, oils and flavors are mixed throughout your pet's food, it is dispensed back into our resealable packaging ready to take home.


Here at Pet's Barn & Activa Custom Pet Food, we have a passion for pets.  We truly believe they're a part of your family, so why not give them the very best? To do that, we've developed a way to give our customers the ability to customize a bag of food specifically for their pet's own tastes and dietary needs for FREE!

Customer Testimonials

Yvette A.

I have been buying dog food from Pet's Barn for several years. I finally tried the custom made for my dog Datsun. He's a shepered mix and is 5 years old. We noticed he wouldn't eat his food right away. He would smell it and walk away. Like he was bored of it. He would eventually eat it, though. Now that we switched to the custom food he eats it right away. He's ready, excited, and just loves it. We barely put the bowl down and he just starts munching away.

Maggie B.

I absolutely love this pet store. I have been coming here for almost ten years now at various locations. The dog food is great for my three boys and with the custom flavors and additives, its even more amazing. I can't rave enough. I drive down from Austin just for the pet food, my boys love it that much...

Bryan J.

My Labrador puppy loves this food. I have tried several brands of dog food and my dog attacks his activa original food. While on the other foods it seemed like he had to force himself to eat it. I really like the different options you can select. This is a great choice of food for your pet.

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Can I customize any food you sell in your store?
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