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Every pet is different and they have their own unique tastes and dietary needs.

The Activa Custom Assistant is designed to help you create the perfect mix of enrichments, fresh oils, and natural flavors. Click next to get started.

What your Pet's Name?

What best describes 's breed and size?

What is 's Life Stage?

Pets have different nutritional needs at certain life stages.

What is 's Activity Level?

What is 's body condition?

Knowing activity level and body condition reveals nutritional needs.

Does have grain sensitivities?

Does have any food sensitivities?

Don't worry, Activa has a formula for that.

Cats are special pets and sometimes have unique issues.

Could benefit form any of these enrichments that are designed special for common feline issues?

What is 's preferred protein?

Design 's food

Now choose a specific aspect of 's health to target.

Here are the 3 cat specific enrichments. You can choose to add another or choose some of our other general health enrichments

Below are more options to help fortify 's health

Which Fresh Oil would enjoy?

Everything is better FRESH.

Finally, choose a Natural Flavor.

  • Every pet is different and they have their own unique tastes and dietary needs.

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  • Below you can modify the selections. Two dry enrichments, all the oils, and the added flavor are free with Activa. The total amount of oil cannot exceed 2%.

    When you are happy with your creation, select how many bags you want and then add them to you cart.

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